We spoke to Baz Worthington from Wigan about how the correct terminology for a canal loading bay is 'wharf' rather than 'pier', and the fascinating history of pit food. Thanks to Barry for answering our questions!

We'll have more fan material and reaction to the Wigan Athletic and Notts County games, amongst other random stuff and regular bits in our next edition, due in the next couple of weeks.

When was your first Wigan game, and who was playing?

1971, before you were formed I understand. Solihull Moors that is, not you in particular. Strangely enough it was a First Round FA cup tie against Halifax Town at our old ground, Springfield Park, which was in the Springfield area of Wigan. We won 2-1.

What do you know about Solihull Moors?

Formed in 2007 following the demise of two clubs, Solihull Borough and Moor Green? (Demise is a bit of a harsh word...) Did particularly well under Tim Flowers, now you’ve got Neal Ardley in charge, made a great start to the season and you could make a push for the playoffs at least.

Do you expect a strong Latics line-up for the game?

There will be changes, but still a decent enough starting XI I should think. We’ll be looking to progress so not that many changes, expect local lad Scott Smith to start in midfield.

Is Steve Sidwell a god to you?

Steve Sidwell scored against us for Reading in May 2005 but we still won the game 3-1 and gained promotion to the Premier League, so yeah perhaps he could be revered amongst the Latics fans as having a part in our history.

What are some things to look out for in Wigan?

Lots of pie shops as you'd expect, Galloways are the pick of the bunch, though any of our local bakeries are a safe bet for a good savoury pastry.

We tend to have a lot of rain and its very cold at the moment, so don’t stay outdoors for too long.


Lots of good pubs, Wigan Central and The Anvil serve proper ale at reasonable prices.

Why does Wigan claim to have a pier when it is clearly a series of canal loading areas?

Canals across the North West have/had piers, none down your way? Ours is a belter.

What can we expect from the Hi, I'm Dave Whelan Stadium?

Unobstructed view, under cover and a big concourse, hopefully friendly stewards too.

Why is a pie in a cob your national dish?

Cob? What's a cob? You must mean a barm. A pie barm or Wigan Kebab is a must have; pitmen used to take them down the shaft with them when they went digging coal. A great way to eat a pie and fills you up too, tradition being carried on and we’ve all been brought up on them.

Who's your current favourite player?

I wouldn’t pick one out, they been top rate this season. We went through the mill last year with administration and nearly lost the club, so just grateful we’re still here, top of the league too. Three players still around from last season and doing very well this time are Callum Lang, Will Keane and (ex of Halesowen and Telford) Curtis Tilt, so I’d give them a special shout out.

Why does Wigan have a district named after toenail-biting penis-flasher Paul Scholes?

I was brought up in Scholes. Some would describe it as the arse end of Wigan, but it is much more than that: there was a Viking settlement there, that’s where the name comes from, then a large Irish community during the late 1800s. One side of my kin are part of that. I still go through occasionally but wouldn’t recommend doing so after dark.

Thanks a lot to Barry for his answers. More to come soon, and Moors to come soon with hopefully a good performance this afternoon!